Welcome to the Nebraska Dry Bean Commission


                               Nebraska dry edible beans        billboard beans

                        From field to table, Nebraska grown dry edible beans.

Nutrient dense dry beans are an important addition to your diet.  Dry beans are low in fat, high in fiber and packed with protein.

Since 1987, the Nebraska Dry Bean Commission has been committed to helping the state’s dry bean producers and processors advance the dry bean industry through research, international and domestic marketing, publicity and education. The Board is responsible for investing check-off funds in appropriate programs.  The Nebraska Dry Bean Commission looks for opportunities to increase the consumption of dry edible beans, educate the consumer about the health benefits of dry beans, and continue to fund research aligned with the goals of the Commission.

The Nebraska Dry Bean Commission is comprised of nine members: four grower representatives, three processor representatives appointed by the Governor, and two additional grower representatives appointed by the Commission.  Commissioners all serve a three year term.

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